SOS from Georgia

[14:49:20] kacumotoli: Georgian Society to World Society

Georgia is a part of ancient European culture with young democracy. The war has begunin our country! Russian aggression has no limits; innocent Georgian population has been bombarded in whole country. Russian media declared war against Georgia together with Russian troops. We do not know, what will happen tomorrow, but we want tomorrow to be peaceful and we believe, we should gain peace together! We are part of this world! Let’s stop Russia! Let’s try, not to repeat historical mistakes! When Europe is passive, Russia becomes active!

Help us to save Georgia,because with Georgia you will save European civilization as well!

The list of countries, occupied by Russia:

1650 Ukraine
1783 Crimea
1795 Poland
1802 Eastern Georgia
1810 Western Georgia
1859-1880 genocide of 1 million Caucasians
1920 Azerbaijan
1920 Armenia
1921 Georgia
1939 Poland
1940 Lithuania,Latvia, Estonia, Finland
1956 Hungary
1968 Czech Republic and Slovakia

1991-93 Abkhazia and South Ossetia – parts of Georgian Republic

Who will be the next?



2 Responses to “SOS from Georgia”

  1. 1 Gena
    12/08/2008, 23:53

    No kuulge-kuulge! Lubage protesteerida. Milleks need Romanovite kroonijuveelid on segamini KGB nomenklatuuri ordenitega? Ikka väga demagoogiline võte, veenmaks maailma, et venelane paha-paha, kole-kole. Just venelane, ei käi ju jutt Vene Föderatsiooni kuritegevusest.
    Või reageerin üle?

  2. 2 kukupai
    13/08/2008, 00:39

    Selline see tekst oli, ei hakanud mina seda toimetama.

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