Ei pääsenudki heasse seltskonda…

Your result for The Sexual HELL Test…


You’re a fallen angel. There’s some innocence there, but the sexual dark side has called you and, possibly, is already using you. But you’re not evil, just naughty; dirty, but not filthy. You’re certainly hellbound, and you’ll most likely seek out other imps like yourself to work your wicked will. There might be a moral core inside you, but it’s been overtaken by lust.

AVOID: the heavenbound. Your path is downward, and you’ll need a guide.

The Sexual HELL Test SIIT

Aga tema ja tema on hoopis mujal… Ja paljud teised ka…


4 Responses to “Ei pääsenudki heasse seltskonda…”

  1. 1 Herezia
    12/09/2008, 16:19

    Aga sina ju oledki kukupai. 🙂

  2. 2 Ramloff
    12/09/2008, 21:48

    Pole viga, ma sain ka samasse põrgusse kui sina.

  3. 3 Juta
    12/09/2008, 22:33

    Ma kah samas põrgus.

  4. 4 kukupai
    12/09/2008, 23:38

    Siis pole vigagi, hakkame koos malet mängima 😛

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