Olen ju armas? Auh!

Your result for The What Breed Of Dog Are You Test…

Bassett/Blood Hound

You are most like these breeds:

Basset Hound:

Originated in England, this breed is independent but sociable, calm, patient and playful. They make great playmates for children, and are happy just to be part of the family. They aren’t looking to climb the corporate ladder, but look forward to being part of their very special crowd.

Blood Hound:

Originated in Belguim, this breed is independent, gentle and affectionate. The Bloodhound barks loudly but infrequently. It is well-known for its good scenting nose. They greet visitors happily and live in harmony with other dogs and household pets. Bloodhounds are not overly obedient. A great deal of patience and tact is required to live and train this dog. Genreally a ‘good old boy’ and a happy free spirit wrapped into one.

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